The Bulls are going to be a fascinating team this season both on and off the court. Dwyane Wade, Rajon Rondo, Jimmy Butler, and all of their personalities in a major media market will certainly make for some entertaining basketball and television. The Bulls are trying to capitalize on this with some new giveaways, which include the usual fare of bobbleheads and the like, but one in particular jumps out:

A Nikola Mirotic Chia Pet.

In case you’re wondering, yes that is real, and the Bulls will be giving it away at the United Center when they host the Los Angeles Lakers on November 30.

Of course it’s not his hair that will grow wildly when you add water, it’s his beard, because if Nikola Mirotic is famous for anything, it’s his beard.

Chia pets on the whole are pretty dumb and a waste of money, but Chia Pets of athletes whose hair or beards grow is probably even dumber.

But, since it’s going to be a free giveaway, I guess keep it, right? Maybe one day it’ll be worth a fortune on Ebay when Mirotic makes the Hall of Fame.

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