Kyrie Irving would like to get out of Cleveland and play for a new team as soon as possible.

A tumultuous offseason in Cleveland’s front office has led to plenty of rumors and speculation about the impending shifts of the franchise. From wondering where LeBron James will be playing in the next two years to the ongoing focus on what happens next with Irving, the Cavaliers appear to be at a crossroads. Teams around the league sense that, and with Irving’s demand public now, they’re attempting to pick off a talented young player.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN says the phones are buzzing with questions about Irving, with teams doing research to find out if he is the kind of player they should feel comfortable pursuing and making a move for.

From Woj;

This hasn’t been an exercise to decide whether teams want Irving. Most do. It’s far more these questions: How deeply do organizations want to invest in a trade for him? How much of a burden is he equipped to carry without LeBron James? And how much has he grown out of the immaturity of his early NBA seasons?

And we’re not talking about Irving’s belief that the world is flat. This is more focused on Irving’s late-night outings. And if that is the case, then perhaps Woj’s report will be comforting to hear for any teams seriously considering making a move.

Among the consensus: Irving has a history of late nights and partying, but there’s no trail of missed practices, bloodshot eyes or hungover shootarounds. Most intel has come back that he has curbed those tendencies into his mid-20s, picking his spots more wisely. As a teammate, Irving can be moody, but most agree he’s ultimately invested.

It seems Irving’s biggest concern on the court is wanting to be the main guy and not playing as the supporting cast member. There’s nothing wrong about having a guy who wants to be the man, but it’s dangerous if his talent can’t quite keep up with his aspirations.


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