The NBA free agency period is in full swing and all eyes are on where LeBron James goes. LeBron isn’t the only person heading to a new team and in fact, there are a lot of star players available this summer. The Philadelphia 76ers, a young team very much on the rise and has the money to spend, is out and about to try and get some big names this summer.

On the official first day of free agency, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that a group of members for the 76ers met with LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul on Sunday to try and get LeBron to Philly.

In addition, the Sixers have also started talking to the San Antonio Spurs about trading for Kawhi Leonard with Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz not available to be traded. Leonard isn’t a free agent but he has been holding out from the Spurs and it’s no secret both he and the team want a trade. And since the Sixers have the resources to make that trade and the Spurs looking for young talent, that makes Philly a suitable partner.

The Sixers have a chance to get either LeBron or Kawhi but they aren’t exactly the favorite to get either person. All signs point to James going to the Lakers and while some reasons people think that are incredibly ludicrous, the Lakers is the likely destination. Leonard wants to go to the Lakers too but the Spurs still have a say in where he goes and they don’t want to trade him to a Western Conference team if they don’t need to.

So I’m not saying the Sixers should give up on going after LeBron James but they probably have a better chance at getting Kawhi Leonard. And while he’s not the best player in the NBA, Kawhi can still vault the Sixers to a formidable powerhouse in the East.

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