Late Friday night, the Grizzlies’ Chandler Parsons and the Trail Blazers’ C.J. McCollum got into an abruptly heated (and also hilarious) Twitter spat.

The feud began with this fairly innocuous tweet from the Blazers’ official account:

After the game, Parsons taunted the Blazers, who are 21-27 on the season and currently outside of the playoff picture.

Well, Portland guard C.J. McCollum was not just going to let an underperforming swingman trash his team like that, so he clapped back hard.

Well that escalated quickly.

McCollum then responded something that didn’t really make sense. He could be dissing the Blazers again, saying he’s happy to be in Memphis or bragging about his salary, but regardless the word “technically” seems out of place.

The Blazers’ social media team presumably didn’t know that a tweet making fun of an air ball would launch a no-holds-barred dis-fest between players, but Twitter can be a wild place.

Apparently someone in Portland’s front office was displeased by the ordeal, because the team president issued a statement essentially apologizing.

Parsons, who sure seemed upset by that initial Blazers tweet, accepted the Blazers’ white flag and retired from the feud.

A happy ending for all.


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