As Jim Ross might say, business is about to pick up at Quicken Loans Arena.

Tuesday night, the defending NBA champion Cleveland Cavaliers kicked off the 2016-17 NBA season by hosting the New York Knicks. As the first game since LeBron James and his crew won the title, it was guaranteed to be a hot ticket. But who could have expected to see The Undertaker himself waiting in the tunnel to greet (or perhaps bodyslam?) the defending champs?

Standing with The Deadman was his wife as well as Dana Warrior, widow of The Ultimate Warrior (who legally changed their names to Warrior as you’ve probably figured out by now). Cleveland players such as James Jones and “Birdman” Chris Andersen stopped by to say hello.

Then, Dana presented Kevin Love with the championship belt that he and the Cavs so rightly deserved.

So you may be wondering…what? Well all of this goes back to Cleveland’s 2015-16 championship run when multiple players would wear Undertaker and Warrior shirts to show off their fandom as well as send a message about their toughness. Timofey Mozgov even donned a pro wrestling championship belt after the team won the NBA title and Love carried a custom WWE belt during the team’s championship parade.

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