Tim Donaghy was an NBA referee from 1994-2007, and resigned after an FBI investigation determined he had placed bets on games he was officiating. Donaghy pleaded guilty to federal fraud charges and spent 15 months in prison before getting out in 2009.

And now Donaghy is back in the news, and again for the wrong reasons.

TMZ reports — with a mug shot included — that Donaghy was arrested Tuesday in Florida for aggravated assault, after he allegedly threatened a man with a hammer.

According to TMZ, the police report claims Donaghy approached his daughter at a house he believed she was doing drugs at with a friend, and allegedly “brandished the hammer and threatened to use it” when the friend’s father confronted him.

Donaghy was arrested in Florida on Tuesday for allegedly threatening a man with a hammer … but he told police the only reason he was even in that situation was to save his daughter. 

According to the police report, Tim believed his daughter was doing drugs with a friend at a nearby home — so he grabbed a hammer and went to get her. 

While Tim was arguing with his daughter outside the home, he was confronted by another man — the father of his daughter’s friend. 

The man claims Tim brandished the hammer and threatened to use it, if he came any closer. 

TMZ adds that Donaghy’s attorney told them the former NBA ref didn’t assault or threaten anyone, and the hammer was just “for protection;” Donaghy was “just trying to be a good dad.”

This is a bizarre story, and even if Donaghy didn’t assault or threaten anyone as he claims, there are probably better ways to handle such a situation than approaching people with a hammer.


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