Tim Duncan is old. This is not exactly breaking news, but the Spurs big man is celebrating his 40th birthday today — something fellow Spurs player LaMarcus Aldridge was eager to remind everyone last night.


Duncan turning 40 actually is actually pretty significant. Even with the modern medical advances, it is still rare for NBA players to play into their fourth decade. He joins Andre Miller as the only other 40-plus player in the league, and he also joins Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Grant Hill, and Juwan Howard as the only players to reach that milestone in the last five seasons.

What is even more impressive is the fact Duncan is still a key cog on a championship-contending team. He’s started all four games at center for the Spurs this postseason, averaging nearly six points per game with six rebounds and two blocks. Not eye-popping numbers, but impressive nonetheless given his age.

So before the day ends, take some time to appreciate Duncan’s fantastic career. The NBA has even made it easier for you by compiling this short video.

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