The Minnesota Timberwolves are in the playoffs. And during each of their postseason games, their owner, Glen Taylor, has been the target of an in-game protest.

During Minnesota’s play-in tournament victory against the Los Angeles Clippers, an animal rights activist attempted to glue herself to the floor. Not to be outdone, a woman attending Game 1 of the Timberwolves series against the Memphis Grizzlies staged her own protest. This protester chained herself to one of the baskets. She was unchained and removed from the stadium.

A fan at the game captured the moment while Bally Sports North caught her being removed.

It would appear as though this protest is related to the previous one. The protester in that game was wearing a shirt that said “Glen Taylor Roasts Animals Alive,” referencing the majority owner of the Timberwolves.

According to Evan Barnes of The Commercial Appeal in Memphis, this woman was wearing a shirt with the same message.

Fans watching the game in person were treated to this protest. Fans watching the game on ESPN’s broadcast dealt with one minute of about the most annoying sound imaginable.

We don’t know how good this series will end up being, but it’s off to a memorable start. We can only hope that if it continues to be memorable, it’s for basketball reasons.

[Dustin Schandevel, Bally Sports North]

[Photo Credit: Bally Sports North]

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