Steve Kerr isn’t the first coach you’d expect to drop a few f-bombs in a postgame press conference, but that’s exactly what he did tonight after the Warriors took care of the Rockets 104-99 at Oracle Arena, taking a 3-2 series lead in the process.

Kerr set it up as a quote of Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp, who profanely praised his own team after their astounding 4-0 Champions League win over Barcelona, and TNT brought it live to the nation.

“I apologize to my mom, who is probably watching. Our guys are fucking giants. That was an unbelievable victory tonight.”

It really was, considering the Warriors lost Kevin Durant to a leg injury in the second half, which many Twitter sports medicine experts immediately speculated was a ruptured Achilles tendon, a mass diagnosis that wasn’t correct according to the Warriors, who announced Durant had suffered a calf strain.

Later, Draymond Green fouled out, which is more typical but still a hindrance. That left Steph and Klay out there, and they did manage to take care of business down the stretch, aided by a series of Houston bumbles and James Harden committing a disappearing act down the stretch.

The Inside the NBA crew wasn’t shaken up by the Kerr f-bomb barrage, noting it was after 1:30 AM on the east coast, so anyone who would be offended was probably in bed already anyway. And if Kerr’s mom wasn’t in bed: he really is sorry.

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