nick young-golden state warriors Jun 12, 2018; Oakland, CA, USA; Golden State Warriors guard Nick Young (middle) and center JaVale McGee (right) celebrate during the championship parade in downtown Oakland. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

You just never know with Nick Young.

On Tuesday, a TMZ reporter stopped the newly minted NBA champion outside a nightclub and asked for his thoughts on Canada’s legalization of marijuana. Swaggy P, however, skipped right past weed and offered his thoughts on another schedule-1 substance: “I want people to pass cocaine. Everybody needs to do cocaine.”

Maybe Young wouldn’t have been the absolute first NBA player you would expect to suggest that everyone do coke, but he’s at least in the top five.

But as it turns out, Young doesn’t plan to lead a political movement to legalize cocaine anytime soon. On Wednesday, he posted on Instagram that we shouldn’t take him seriously, that he was “just being funny” and that, “You know I was just joking.”

Chill. You know I was just joking

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Maybe Young was actually joking, or maybe he just wasn’t, um, thinking quite clearly as he left a club late at night, still in the afterglow of his team’s NBA title. Or maybe someone around him wasn’t happy with all the headlines proclaiming that he supported coke for everyone. Regardless, the cocaine legalization movement will have to proceed without him.

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