Kings guard Ty Lawson broke the terms of his probation by failing three court-ordered sobriety tests in the last seven months, according to TMZ Sports.

In March 2016, Lawson received one year of probation after being arrested for driving under the influence twice in one year, and for the fourth time overall.

“You have a terrible history,” Judge Olympia Z. Fay told him at the sentencing a year ago, according to the Denver Post. “You are going down a bad path.”

Lawson has had issues with drinking and driving dating back to college. He pleaded guilty to underage drinking and driving in 2008 while he was at UNC, for which he received and completed 20 hours of community service.

According to TMZ, officials want Lawson to receive a harsher punishment including jail time now that he has broken his probation.

After leading North Carolina to the 2009 NCAA title, Lawson had a promising career in Denver where he averaged 16.4 and 8.0 assists after becoming a full-time starter in 2011.

After being traded to the Rockets in 2015, he received two suspensions for his drunk driving incidents and was then released last March prior to his sentencing. He finished the season uneventfully with the Pacers and things have not gotten better for him this year in Sacramento.

Lawson’s attorney denied reports that there is a warrant out for his arrest and said he has a court date for March 22.

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