utah jazz bear

During a break in Sunday’s NBA playoff game between the Clippers and Jazz, two fans—one representing each team—were brought onto the court for some sort of odd race involving giant bubbles.

The Clippers fan in the race was much bigger and likely older than the Jazz fan, and he used that to his advantage, knocking the Utah representative down and then wobbling over to the finish line. Well Utah’s mascot, Jazz Bear, was not pleased with this and quite aggressively took out his anger on the Clippers fan.

Look at how he gets a running start and puts all his momentum toward decking the Clippers fan. He was really mad that guy knocked over the kid in the other bubble.

Now this would all be absolutely hilarious if not for the fact that the Clippers fan appeared kind of unstable when he stood up. Maybe that was just because he’d been running around in a bubble… or maybe it was after-effects of getting laid out by a mascot.

The Clippers fan probably learned his lesson about being too aggressive in just-for-fun games turning timeouts. And the Jazz mascot probably learned his lesson about recklessly trucking people… even when they kind of deserve it.

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