The Utah Jazz plane after a collision with a flock of birds.

A week after several retrospectives on Randy Johnson’s fastball that killed a bird, further bird demises have impacted the world of professional sports. This time, it was a flock of birds that struck the Utah Jazz’s team plane shortly after their takeoff from the Salt Lake City airport Tuesday afternoon (en route to Memphis ahead of Wednesday night’s game with the Grizzlies). The plane was able to return to the airport following the collision, and several Jazz players expressed their gratitude for a safe landing on social media:

Here’s a look at the damage to the plane from Brian Schnee of Salt Lake City TV station Fox 13:

As per Schnee’s colleague Andrea Urban, the Jazz have set up a rescheduled charter flight for Tuesday evening:

Hopefully that one won’t run into any birds.

[Brian Schnee on Twitter]

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