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Last spring, Steve Kerr’s chronic back issues prevented him from coaching the Warriors in the playoffs. Less than a year later, the 52-year-old’s back may or may not be fully recovered, but Kerr is at least healthy enough to show off some serious moves on the dance floor.

In a video captured at Steph Curry’s 30th birthday party Monday night, Kerr joins assistant coach Mike Brown and some Warriors players in dancing to Migos, and… well, he probably won’t be landing any music-vide gigs anytime soon, but we’ve got to offer props for giving it his all.

There’s really a lot going on in this video. While Klay Thompson awkwardly bounces around, Shaun Livingston shuffles half-heartedly and Quinn Cook simply looks happy to be there, Kerr and the 48-year-old suit-wearing Brown really get after it.

Obviously it would be silly to give Kerr a clean bill of health based on 13 seconds of dancing, but only 10 months ago he had debilitating pain from leaking cerebrospinal fluid, to the point where he was stuck watching his own team on TV. Complications from back surgery forced him to miss most of the 2015-16 season and then a large chunk of the 2017 playoffs. Now he’s out here laughing and dancing to Migos.

As for the rest of Steph’s birthday party, the guest of honor arrived on a yacht and ate ribs out of someone else’s hands while E-40 performed behind him.

Not a bad life.

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