Good morning. Did you have a rough night? Favorite show didn’t tape on the DVR? The kids found the candy you stole from them on Halloween and the only thing that’s left is Whoppers and Necco wafers? Did the dog pee on the rug? Did you pee on the rug?

Forget about it! No matter what happened to you on Wednesday night, nothing could be worse than having a basketball stuffed down your throat. That’s what Clippers center DeAndre Jordan did to Greg Monroe of the Bucks in the Clips’ 109-95 win in Milwaukee. This is what a bad night looks like.

What’s amazing about this play is not only how Jordan finished the dunk, but how it started. Here’s a quick frame-by-frame of how this happened. I still don’t understand how Chris Paul sees Jordan through the double-team.

First look at where Jordan is when Paul begins the set at the three-point line. He’s behind half court!


By the time Paul gets below the free-throw line, Jordan is still moseying down court, completely unattended.


Paul gets inside the paint and catches a double from Monroe. It’s not like the center has anyone else to cover. Look where Jordan still is!


Somehow Paul sees Jordan through the Bucks’ defenders. The sign of a good point guard: when in doubt, assume your big man will be ready for a kick-out three. Or a dunk from five feet behind the foul line.


Look at where Jordan is when he catches the basketball. Remember, this ends in a posterizing dunk with no dribbles.


Here is where Jordan takes off from. Sure, it helps he had the momentum of running in from the three point line and he is super tall, but still, that’s far when a giant man is standing in your way.




We can debate if Jordan ever hits the rim, but all the times I stopped the video his ‘dunking motion’ was too fast to stop it at that exact point. The rim didn’t rattle like you would think a rim might with a guy smashing it down with that much force, but over the years we’ve included the “over the rim throw down” into the dunk category, so this is fair game for the short list of dunk of the season so far.


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