It’s good to be a member of the Golden State Warriors these days — whether a player or just a regular employee. Everything seems to turn up roses for the NBA franchise these days.

Success on the court has turned in to interest in the coaching staff and the bench players as of late. It’s even gotten the attention of New York Knicks boss Phil Jackson, who has apparently reached out to Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton over the head coach opening in the Big Apple.

According to reports, Walton has actually been of interest to both NYC teams, interviewing for the Brooklyn Nets job and speaking with Jackson’s Knicks as well. However, the interest in the Nets job was fleeting at best, as the same report indicates he pulled his name from the search.

Walton, who is just a few years removed from his own playing career, has gained plenty of experience as a head coach. He filled in for Warriors head coach Steve Kerr while he was out due to surgery this season — going 33-4 in that time.

As for the Knicks interest, it appears that Jackson has always been enamored with his former player. The ex-Lakers head coach always loved the game of Walton during his playing career with his team and has groomed him to be a coach throughout his career.

What remains to be seen is if Walton is ready to take on a huge project like the Knicks or if he is content to stick with the Warriors and soak up some more experience (and possibly rings) before moving on.

It’s clear that the Knicks value Walton’s ability as a coach, as Jackson has previously indicated his search for a new head coach would be a narrow one.

Given Walton’s career has all been on the West Coast, it certainly would be a huge change and a huge task in front of him.

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