Timofey Mozgov has just starred in one of the most interesting promotions you will see across sports.

Here, Mozgov is promoting the Mozgov winter hat giveaway as the Cavaliers take on the Chicago Bulls on January 23. What better way to promote your winter hat giveaway then by having your Russian center ride a bear outside of your arena?

If wearing that hat is going to keep your head warm during a cold Cleveland winter, and give you the abilities to ride a bear, that’s a pretty nice deal. Not to mention, you’ll get to watch LeBron James and Kyrie Irving play some hoops against the Chicago Bulls and Jimmy Butler.

Hopefully, the Cavaliers don’t trade Mozgov before the giveaway, as his name has been hot in recent NBA trade rumors. It would be a shame to have Mozgov winter hat giveaway and have no Mozgov.

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Harry Lyles Jr. is an Atlanta-based writer, and a Georgia State University graduate.