Former NBA player Doug Christie has been married to his wife Jackie for 20 years. She’s now a reality TV star on Basketball Wives: LA on VH1. So you’d think, after 20 years of marriage that things would be pretty squared away as far as trust and other things go.

But that doesn’t totally sound like the case here.

Jackie said in a recent interview with TMZ that she monitors whether or not Doug is cheating, which sounds fine! It’s always more comforting knowing your significant other isn’t being unfaithful. But she definitely has a different method of going about it than other wives or girlfriends might.

She told Raq Rants that she checks Doug’s testicles to see if they’re heavier and full or not. Really. Check it out (at the 0:40 mark).

“When your guy, your mate — a male — comes home, their balls have a certain amount of weight, usually they’re full,” Jackie explained, while also using her hands to demonstrate, in case the idea wasn’t clear. “If they’ve been emptied, that’s usually after intercourse, or sex, and they’re kind of smaller and emptier and they kind of shrivel up and they’re little.”

Yes, what you just watched is apparently totally a thing, at least in the Christie household. While it would surely help ease the mind to be able to know whether or not your partner is cheating or not (or into self-gratification), Jackie’s method seems extreme and pretty insecure. At the very least, he knows what his wife is going to check when he gets home. Those must be some fantastic conversations.

But hey, if feeling your husband’s testicles to see if they’re “full” helps you sleep at night, I guess more power to you, as long as he’s cool with it.

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