J.R. Smith has finally found a shirt worth wearing. No, it is not the cotton replica of his torso, but it is a self-promotional item. It turns out Smith’s presidential announcement during his epic championship parade was more than a one-time declaration.

Smith apparently decided to transform his campaign from an impromptu sign into wearable merchandise complete with a campaign logo and slogan.


Pick up your united States of swish shirts now from @freshbrewedtees and visit teamswish.com

A photo posted by JR Smith (@teamswish) on Jul 2, 2016 at 9:15am PDT

Now, backers of Smith’s third-party candidacy can broadcast their support right on their chests just in time for Independence Day.

The shirts will set you back $29.99, but consider it a contribution to a grassroots campaign like Smith’s. Why make America great again, when we can unify under the United States of Swish?


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