When Kansas beat Duke to become the final Final Four team on Sunday, it was clearly the result of a fantastic performance on the court and a quality gameplan from the coaching staff.

That’s generally how it goes, anyway, although for Kansas assistant coach Jerrance Howard, he had a bit of an assist thanks to his 9-year-old son Jay Jay. That’s because Jay Jay came up with his own scouting report to beat Duke, and it’s pretty damn spot-on.

Coach Howard posted it on Instagram on Monday, along with an explanation:

So about 3 months ago I was home watching film and doing my scouting report on another team, and Jay Jay asks if he could help. I said no but you should pick a good team that you know and have seen play before and write up your own scouting report. He picked Duke not knowing we would end up playing in a epic game to go to the final four. I promise you I can’t make this up!

That’s a hell of a scouting report! And considering how things ended up, it’s hard to see how Jay Jay was wrong. (I also now kind of wish my name was Jay Jay instead of Jay, I think that would have really opened up a lot of different doors.)

Whether Jay Jay can get in some quality tape time on Villanova before the Jayhawks take on the Wildcats Saturday night remains to be seen, but it appears the Howard family coaching tree might not stop with Jerrance.

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