Kirby Smart and Georgia may have lost the national championship game to Alabama last year, but they'll get another shot at the Tide in this year's SEC Championship Game.

Update: I can’t disagree:

See below update for more, but this is why it’s important to vet everything, no matter who brings it to your attention.


In perhaps the best recent example of why no one should ever tweet, 5-star Georgia running back commit John Emery Jr. tweeted that he chose Georgia over LSU because Georgia director of player personnel Marshall Malchow paid him to do so.

Not in those exact words, though, Emery did use a few emojis:

UPDATE: OR it’s all fake:

(UPDATE continued: sigh. Assuming it is fake, it’s dumb. If it’s not, it was still just a joke, so the rest of the analysis is fine.)

Emery committed in late July, and he’s considered one of the best class of 2019 prospects in the country. And in all honesty, he was most likely joking, because there’s no way anyone could possibly be that dumb. And in a vacuum, it’s kind of funny! Big-time college recruits are in the perfect position to know just how silly the recruiting process is, and there are people from every fanbase convinced every other school is paying recruits.

Emery making a joke like this should be hilarious, and it kind of is! But it’s also going to bring down the NCAA, perhaps the world’s most humorless organization, and it’s certainly going to fuel message boards for other schools, which exist just for this kind of faux-controversy. Emery deleted the tweet promptly, and responded with this:

That should take care of things!

At least he didn’t say he was hacked, though maybe it would have been better if he’d done so.

In any case, this will probably be kind of a thing for a while, and then it won’t be a thing, unless the NCAA decides to kick over every possible stone in Georgia. As they’re certainly inveterate rock-kickers, that very well might happen.

It was a good joke though, assuming it was a joke. And if it’s the truth, it’s actually even funnier.

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