ACC realignment Mandatory Credit: Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

When it came out that Cal, Stanford, and SMU would be joining the ACC, the logistics were immediately questioned.

For starters, none of those teams play on the Atlantic Coast. In fact, the two of them play on completely opposite sides of the country.

For basketball and football, the solution is easy. Teams will simply make the cross-country trip to play games, but what about non-revenue sports? Will they also be taking these cross-country trips?

The answer is unclear, but ESPN’s Pete Thamel reported Friday morning that the answer may be a neutral site location.

Per Thamel, Cal Chancellor Carol Christ said, “The ACC is really interested in using Dallas as a place where teams may come together to minimize the travel.”

Obviously, this doesn’t really solve things. Is flying halfway across the country easier than flying all the way across the country? Sure. But is it fair to the players, coaches, and fans? Absolutely not. Obviously, this wouldn’t change a matchup between, say, Boston College and Duke, but if North Carolina is scheduled to face Cal in baseball, they’d go to Dallas.

Realignment across college athletics has been rampant this year, and many view it as a necessary evil, but things like this must be considered.

Plenty of people on social media aired their complaints about the plan.

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