Arizona unveiled its new Nike uniforms for the 2017  football season on Thursday, unknowingly leading Nike into a Twitter ambush as Adidas came back with a savage response.

First, here’s a look at the new jerseys:

Not quite as bad as Nike’s new USMNT kits. But these jerseys — especially the blue ones — definitely look a bit amateurish, and they left many Arizona fans disappointed on Twitter. Of course, that also opened up an opportunity for Arizona’s rivals to dig in.

An Arizona State fan account brought the jersey’s to Adidas’ attention, and the official Adidas football account went in for a deep burn:

It’s not every day you see one brand flat out disparage another like that. So naturally, Twitter went a bit bonkers with Arizona State fans expressing their pleasure at Adidas pulling a Torian Graham and figuratively flipping off ‘Zona.

Arizona fans had their own comebacks, which were mainly some variation of how the Wildcats thrashed the Sun Devils 56-35 in last year’s rivalry game.

No reply from Nike, though, so it appears Adidas has won this battle. To be fair, Adidas has made its share of atrocious uniforms as well.


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