An Akron football player was rushed to the emergency room Saturday by his teammate after being shot in the stomach. The twist? The same player who rushed him to the hospital was the one who pulled the trigger on his teammate as he mistook him for an intruder in his apartment.

Akron wide receiver Andrew Pratt is in stable condition after being on the receiving end of a gunshot to his stomach from teammate and Akron offensive lineman Scott Boyett. Boyett fired at Pratt around 3 a.m. after Pratt had entered Boyett’s apartment unannounced and without knocking. Because of that, Boyett thought someone had come into his apartment to rob him. That led to Boyett grabbing a gun and shooting in defense of he and his home. Boyett quickly realized the intruder was actually his teammate, who lives in a separate apartment, he rushed Pratt to a nearby emergency room for treatment.

Police received a call about the reported gun shot but arrived on the scene after the two Akron players made their way to the hospital. It was there each were questioned separately. After hearing the same details of the incident from both players, police chose not to file any charges, believing this to be an honest mistake.

“We are saddened and concerned to learn of this situation and we hope that Andrew recovers fully,” Akron Athletics Director Larry Williams said in a released statement. “While we know the incident occurred at an off-campus location, we will wait to learn more from the Akron Police Department about what occurred. We are keeping Andrew in our thoughts and prayers.”

With Pratt reportedly in stable condition, it goes without saying this story could have been much worse amid the confusion of the moment. Fortunately, a fatal end to this story was avoided this time.

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