Alabama finished with three players against Minnesota, but outscored the Gophers over that span..

While much of the U.S. was watching Alabama’s top-ranked football team lose the Iron Bowl to Auburn, the 25th-ranked Crimson Tide basketball team wound up in perhaps even a weirder situation. In their game against the 14th-ranked Minnesota Golden Gophers Saturday as part of the Barclays Center Classic in Brooklyn (part of which wasn’t even at the Barclays Center), the entire Alabama bench got ejected for leaving the bench during a confrontation:

So that left the Tide with five players. And one, guard Dazon Ingram, received a technical in that scrum and then fouled out shortly afterwards, leaving Alabama with four players with over 11 minutes left:

Soon afterwards, Tide guard John Petty rolled his ankle and left the game, leaving Alabama with three players:

And yet, the Tide kept playing, and they actually played better with only three players.They cut the deficit all the way from 12 points to three at one point, and guard Collin Sexton (who had 38 points, six rebounds and five assists on the night) actually had a three-point attempt to tie it. That didn’t fall, and the Gophers wound up winning 89-84, but Alabama gave it an incredible effort. Even if they didn’t quite cover the spread:

And near the end, Sexton even high-fived invisible teammates:

That’s an amazing showing by the Tide’s remaining three players, and one of the most remarkable things ever seen in NCAA basketball. Here’s a video from ESPN showing the whole situation:

Stadium announcer Chris Hassel summed it up pretty well on the Facebook broadcast, talking about the network’s future college basketball coverage. “We’ll have 40-plus games this season in college basketball. None will be as unique, bizarre, and circus-like as this one.”

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