This is a perfect headline, let’s just get that out of the way:

Life University is a small school from Marietta, Georgia, and it features one of the most entertaining Wikipedia entries you’ll find. First and foremost, it was formerly Life Chiropractic College.

Second, Wikipedia just dumps all over them in the second paragraph:

The guiding philosophy of Life University is vitalism, a discredited scientific hypothesis. Life University centers their philosophy, including clinical training, around the vertebral subluxation complex, a pseudoscientific notion that has no biomedical basis.


That said, they apparently have a good enough club hockey team to take down the Crimson Tide, for whom hockey is a club sport.

Twitter, as you would expect, had some fun with the inherent wordplay:

Fortunately, Alabama has the right man to turn this club around. Because if there’s one human being alive who has truly mastered life (and probably death), it’s Nick Saban.

Plus he’d be thrilled winning games 9-7. It’s what he’s always wanted.

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