Are the Crimson Tide classless or were they just too in the zone before the start of their playoff matchup against the Huskies?

Before kickoff in the Peach Bowl, Alabama and Washington were prompted to shake hands after the coin toss, a common practice in professional sports. As Huskies players approached them, the Crimson Tide players walked away, leaving their opponents hanging.

There are some on Twitter who say Alabama didn’t refuse the offer initially, as they claim players shook Washington’s hands before the moment, but it’s still not a great look for Nick Saban’s squad. The referee clearly indicates a handshake, saying “you can shake hands now,” which Alabama promptly ignores.

It’s not the worst crime against professionalism ever committed, but it would take two seconds for Alabama to shake Washington’s hands and avoid being in the headlines. Perhaps, players were caught up in the moment and just wanted to start the game. But, Washington clearly heard the message and made sure to follow the refs suggestion. What stopped Bama from doing the same?

If anything, the handshake refusal might have fired up Washington. They could use the blatant disregard of the moment as motivation. As for Alabama? Next time, just shake your opponent’s hand when asked so we can avoid this kind of controversy.

UPDATE: Alabama’s captains DID in fact shake their opponents hands. Bizarrely, the ref asked them to do it again, which is when the team refused to do it. SORRY ALABAMA FANS.


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