Alabama strength coach Scott Cochran, seen at a December 2015 Sugar Bowl practice, smashed last year's participation trophy with a sledgehammer.

Many college football strength coaches are known for being rather passionate, eccentric and theatrical, and long-time Alabama director of strength and conditioning Scott Cochran¬†certainly qualifies there. Oh, and the Crimson Tide under Nick Saban are known for hating every possible result other than a dominant victory, and sometimes¬†aren’t even happy with those. Combine those two things, and you get this video of Cochran smashing the College Football Playoff runner-up trophy Alabama received last year with a sledgehammer in the Tide locker room. (Language warning.)

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This is pretty funny, and is exactly the sort of motivational shenanigans you expect in the leadup to a big game (it doesn’t quite top Gordon Bombay’s “This is a distraction in a fire in a barrel,” but what can?). And it’s also exactly what you’d expect from Cochran, who gave perhaps the most pumped-up tour of a weight room ever back in 2013:

And Cochran has a whole “Best of” video, including “You’re a Bentley right now. I’m just gonna put spinners on that thang.”

Maybe the larger question here is why anyone is giving out CFP runner-up trophies, though. Those seem less desirable than even the short-lived Civil ConFLiCT Trophy. Unless the organizers are two steps ahead of us all and these trophies exist only so strength coaches can smash them with a sledgehammer.

[Dr. Saturday; photo from YouTube]

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