The Washington University (St. Louis) men’s soccer team has been indefinitely suspended by the school after the women’s soccer team told administrators of the team’s behavior, including sexist, discriminatory remark.

That’s according to a report from the Post-Dispatch.

The school revealed the suspension stems from an online document wherein the men’s soccer team made lewd comments regarding the women’s team. The men’s team will be prohibited from participating in any team-related activities.

“Let me be clear: There is absolutely no place at Washington University for sexism, discrimination or harassment of any kind,” Lori White, vice chancellor for student affairs, said in a statement. “This alleged behavior flies in the face of the university’s core values of community support, diversity and inclusion, and we are firmly committed to conducting a timely and thorough investigation to address this matter.”

Not only is it disappointing the men’s soccer team thought it was OK to make lewd comments, but it’s shocking this continues to happen across universities nationwide. Harvard’s soccer team was suspended for making a rating system to grade women based on their physical appearance. Columbia’s wrestling team was also suspended last month for racist, homophobic text. Just yesterday, Princeton suspended it’s men’s swimming and diving teams for “offensive, vulgar and racists acts.”

The sports culture in some universities is unacceptable. It’s good that more of these are coming to light, with the people responsible actually being punished. That’s a welcome change. But it’s disheartening that these stories keep popping up.

[Post-Dispatch] [Image via Washington University]

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