Detroit Mercy standout Antoine Davis was going to be a prize catch for any team that caught him, and BYU was the team that almost caught him. But Davis announced that instead of transferring he will remain with the Titans and finish his college career there.

Davis based his decision, according to reports, on the NIL money he will be receiving, which he plans to share with his n teammates.

Reports say the deal is with a Chinese basketball manufacturing company to produce Glowballs and that the deal will pay him six figures.

Davis is one of the most prolific scorers in the country, almost averaging 24 points per game. His presence on that BYU team may have made them a legit national championship contender.

Everybody in the country wanted him but he decided to stay put. Davis’ decision to stay, was met with some cynicism.

Surprisingly though, some fans, however, were very supportive of Davis’ decision and thought it was thoughtful of him to think of his teammates while making this NIL deal.

Fans may realize you can’t be upset with the young man for doing what was right for him and he has earned their respect by helping his teammates, who may not be as well known as he is.

[Jeff Goodman]

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