arch manning Quarterback Arch Manning 16 throws a pass as Newman takes on Lafayette Christian Academy in the LHSAA Div III semi finals. Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021. Arch Manning Lca Vs Newman Football 5185

Arch Manning’s recruitment has been the talk of the high school football world as of late, with many speculating where he could end up playing quarterback in college.

Manning made a surprise visit last week to Virginia, a school that has deep ties within his family with his mother, sister, and aunt graduating from the school.

Virginia is not known as a football powerhouse by any means, but they have produced some solid NFL players over the years, including former NFL veteran defensive lineman Chris Long.

Long was a standout at Virginia in his three years with the program, ultimately being selected with the second overall pick in 2008 by the then-St. Louis Rams. He then went on to have a long NFL career, racking up 70 total sacks in 11 years.

Long spoke about Manning’s visit to his alma mater on his podcast, where he made his pitch for Arch to surprise everyone and choose Virginia.

“Arch Manning, if you are listening, we want you to come to Charlottesville man. Like, first off, like, you will definitely be able to walk around here and not get bothered. We offer you unlimited access to Studio J. All the Spindrifts in the fridge. Any time.”

He also added that he will hang out with Arch’s dad, Cooper Manning, when he is in town so that Arch can go out and hang with his friends as part of a hilarious message to the top-rated recruit in the class of 2023.

“I will drink beer with your dad when he comes to town because I know your dad. I like Cooper a lot. I will be your running back that picks up the blitz. Like when your dad comes into town and he wants to drink beer and you want to go out with your friends and like, ‘Hey, dad, I’m hanging out with girls tonight.’ I will fall on that grenade. I will hang with Cooper and drink beer.”

Long finally added that if he needs any sort of money while at Virginia, Arch can babysit his kids for $500 an hour.

While this attempt is certainly funny, it will likely not be where Manning decides to go to school. Most experts are predicting that he will ultimately decide between Georgia, Texas, or Alabama, but it was a solid attempt from Long to at least have him consider other options.

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