Quarterback Arch Manning 16 runs the ball and scores a touchdown as Newman takes on Lafayette Christian Academy in the LHSAA Div III semi finals. Wednesday, Nov. 24, 2021. Arch Manning Lca Vs Newman Football 4851

The hot topic in college football recruiting is where quarterback Arch Manning is going? The quarterback is reportedly interested in several schools, but his top four at the moment are reportedly Texas, Georgia, Ole Miss, and Alabama.

So you know when his grandfather Archie Manning showed up in Birmingham, Alabama for an event, the talk turned quickly to his grandson and where he might be attending school.

If the elder Manning knew, he didn’t seem to let on in an interview he did with AL.com about where his grandson is leaning.

He did, however, mentioned how the process has changed since sons Eli and Peyton were recruited coming out of high school.

“The best thing for me, as grandpa, is I stay out of it,” said the eldest Manning. “I have a really good grandfather-grandson relationship. His dad, Cooper, has done a good job during this crazy recruiting. It’s really changed. I’m proud of what they’ve done.

“When Peyton, Eli, and Cooper went through it, it really didn’t turn up until the spring before their senior year. They might have been getting letters but with Arch, it started in the seventh grade. I don’t think it’s so much that he was that great as a seventh-grader, it was just that’s when it was starting. I’m not that fond of that but that’s just the way it is.”

Manning did give his grandson some advice.

“I guess it still comes down to the end of just trying to pick a place … I know Arch, he wants to where he’s going to be happy as a student, too. I always told my kids that. Pick a place where if football doesn’t work out, where are you going to be happy going to school. I think every young person deserves to have a good college experience.”

Manning is not expected to make an announcement until the end of the year.


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