The Arizona Wildcats put together a fantastic recreation of the Spring Training arrival scene from the hilarious 1989 baseball movie, Major League.

Arizona head coach Jay Johnson went all-out with his attempt to get the voice down of (fictional) Cleveland Indians manager Lou Brown. And freshman outfielder Matt Frazier absolutely nailed it with his Willie “Mays” Hayes re-creation.

Here’s the video:

This is a fantastic way to promote the Wildcats’ ballclub, and will surely impress a few recruits as well. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of a team — and play for a head coach — that has this much fun?

And obviously we have to show the Major League clips that Arizona spoofed:

In Article TCB:

If you thought the stadiums from Arizona’s video and the Major League clips looked similar, you have a good eye, as they’re the very same stadium! That’s Hi-Corbett Field, current home of the Wildcats and former Spring Training home of the real-life Cleveland Indians (1945-1992), as well as the movie version of the team.

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