The opening weekend of the 2022 NCAA Tournament has been one for the ages. There have been epic upsets, wild finishes, amazing plays, and even assists from the cheerleaders. It was only apropos that the weekend ended with a wild finish to send us hurtling towards the Sweet Sixteen.

We’d already seen one 1-seed and two 2-seeds lose by the time we got to the game between the 1-seed Arizona Wildcats and 9-seed TCU Horned Frogs, but it seemed like there was a decent chance we might lose one more top seed before the day was done.

Jamie Dixon‘s Frogs were giving the Wildcats everything they had, going back and forth as the clock ticked down until the game was knotted up at 75-75 with 12 seconds left.

TCU had the ball and the chance to win the game outright. However, they fumbled the rock (though how was there no foul?) with three seconds left and Arizona’s Dalen Terry had a chance to win the game in regulation but his dunk was late by literally 0.1 seconds.

It was one of those moments that can be best described simply by showing you what our Twitterfeed looked.

And so the game went to overtime where it was mostly neck-and-neck until the closing moments when Arizona pulled away with a demonstrative dunk by Christian Koloko to seal the deal for the Wildcats. Arizona advances with an 85-80 win in spite of TCU giving them everything they had.

Afterward, it sure seemed like college basketball fans needed a cigarette due to this game as well as the entire weekend that was.

Rest up, drink plenty of fluids, and be back here on Thursday for the Sweet Sixteen.

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