Arkansas P Reid Bauer's jump pass for a TD.

Trick plays can be fun to watch, and they can also lead to some fun calls. That’s the case with the Arkansas Razorbacks’ fake field goal into a jump-pass touchdown on the road against the #2 (AP and CFP) Alabama Crimson Tide Saturday. Here’s how Brad Nessler and Gary Danielson called it on CBS:

And here’s how Chuck Barrett and Quinn Grovey called it on the Razorback Sports Network:

That’s a well-drawn up play, and punter Reid Bauer (the holder here) executed the throw to tight end Blake Kern beautifully. And this got Arkansas within one score. Alabama scored a touchdown on their next possession to widen the lead again, but this at least kept the Razorbacks in contention. And it also led to these enjoyable calls, with both Nessler and Barrett doing a good job of identifying the trick play early, and with both Danielson and Grovey getting excited about it.

[SEC on CBS, Tim Burke on Twitter]

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