blake anderson-arkansas state

Arkansas State and Arkansas are rivals in football, to the extent two programs can be rivals when one plays in the SEC and the other plays in the Sun Belt and the two have never met each other on the field.

And although the Razorbacks are the more accomplished program historically, they are only 2-5 on the season (and 0-4 in conference play), while the Red Wolves are 4-2. In fact, Football Outsiders’ S&P+ rating system has Arkansas State as the 35th best team in the country, compared to Arkansas down at No. 90. So with all that in mind, maybe it makes sense that Red Wolves coach Blake Anderson is feeling his program enough to crack a brutal joke at Arkansas’ expense.

Speaking at what appears to be a booster event, Anderson unfurled the type of joke whose lengthy set-up makes the punch line even better. Here it is:

Gotta love the little celebratory swig of water at the end.

Arkansas and Arkansas State have never played because, as the only two FBS programs in the state, they want to project unity… or something. But after Anderson’s fighting words on Monday, the Razorbacks might want to get on the field and knock some Red Wolves around.

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