A lot can happen in a day. Just ask Art Briles.

On Thursday, the former Baylor football coach came out guns blazing, accusing the school of wrongful termination in a court motion after he was fired following an investigation into the football program covering up multiple sexual assaults. In a letter filed with the motion, Briles reportedly stated he “does not wish to settle the case.”

On Friday, he settled the case.

According to KWTX, the financial numbers of the settlement are unknown but what is known is that we can officially say that Briles will not return to coach Baylor. There had been reports and rumors about the school turning his firing into a one-year suspension in the days before.

Briles had a little under $40 million left on his contract when he was terminated. His motion to the court was subsequently withdrawn on Friday.

Briles had originally filed his motion after learning that the university was enterting into mediation with Jasmin Hernandez, one of the accusers who is suing the school, Briles and former Athletic Director Ian McCaw. It’s unclear how his settlement will affect that ongoing mediation but it’s clear that Briles still denies any wrongdoing regarding this and other allegations.

“Mr. Briles does not wish to settle the Hernandez civil rights litigation and does not consent to any settlement in that case or in any other case in which (he) is jointly named as a defendant,” Cannon said in the letter filed as an exhibit with the motion.

“It’s terribly unfortunate what happened to (Hernandez) and Briles is incredibly sorry for what she’s been through, but he did nothing wrong,” Cannon told KWTX Thursday.

“Those that did should make it right,” he said.

Briles’ time with Baylor is now officially over but it’s unlikely his involvement in the sexual assault allegations and the litigation surrounding them will be done anytime soon.


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