Meet Tiger Jake, who is actually a dog. But his paint job may have you thinking twice about that.

Tiger Jake belongs to an avid Auburn football fan, who regularly dyes his dog’s fur to make him look like a Tiger. And if Tiger Jake wasn’t a fraction the size of an actual tiger, it would be pretty convincing.

Aside from the size of the dog, I have to say that’s a pretty convincing dye job. Tiger Jake’s owner, Ron Samford, told SB Nation there’s no health concerns, either. They use non-toxic dye under the supervision of veterinarians at a local animal clinic:

“It’s hair dye, it lasts eight weeks at a time,” Tiger Jake’s owner told SB Nation. “It’s animal-friendly hair dye.”

He added that his daughter’s animal clinic dyes the dog regularly.

Unsurprisingly, Tiger Jake was a huge hit at media day, even getting some face time with coach Gus Malzahn.

If you think coloring your dog’s fur seems wrong, I don’t blame you. But Tiger Jake looks like a happy pup.

Add him to our ever-growing list of good dogs, as he joins Jake The Diamond Dog (who is also a very good water boy), the Capitals’ puck-fetching pooch, and many others.

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