The NCAA men’s basketball season doesn’t officially tip off for another 3 months, but some schools are playing exhibition games right now.

On August 9th, Alabama men’s basketball faced off in an exhibition game against Carleton in Canada and lost. Five days later, the same Carleton squad defeated Vanderbilt as well.

Down under in Australia, another D-I school played in an exhibition game and came away victorious. TCU is on a summer tour of Australia and beat the “Longhorns” 101-87.

While the Longhorns are a cool name, the names of the players were even better.

Here’s a hint, all of the Longhorns’ players shared names with people in this great video:

According to SportsDay, because the Longhorns didn’t have names on their jerseys that corresponded with names or numbers in the official scorebook, the TCU statistician got creative.

The statistician for the Longhorns must be a big fan of The Office, because on the official box score, every player on the Longhorns shared a name with a character from the hilarious TV series.

I’m not surprised at all that Jim Halpert led both teams with 28 points. I’m also not surprised at all that Stanley Hudson failed to score more than two points. However, I am stunned that Michael Scott managed to score 13.

What does concern me is Kevin Malone’s production, especially from beyond the arc. I couldn’t find a video of the clip, but at the end of The Office ‘Basketball’ episode (season one, episode 5) Kevin — played by Brian Baumgartner — can be seen draining threes with nobody watching, after he wasn’t picked to be on either of the teams.

Here were some other interesting things I noticed about the Dunder Mifflin box score:

  • Four players played 40 minutes: Michael Scott, Ryan Howard, Angela Martin, and Meredith Palmer. Meanwhile, Stanley Hudson and Kevin Malone played 20 minutes each. As a result, that means nobody else technically could’ve played, but somehow Jim Halpert scored 28 and grabbed 9 boards in zero minutes.
  • Jim finished just shy of a double-double. Halpert needed one more rebound for a double-double. Other than that, Big Tuna finished well shy of a triple-double as his only other stats were 3 turnovers and 2 blocks.
  • Where is Roy Anderson? He was a monster in the paint for the warehouse.
  • Andy Bernard allegedly played in this game, which doesn’t make sense because he wasn’t on the show at that point.
  • Meredith hit three threes! Also how about Meredith with 17 points for second most on the team behind Jim?
  • Pam Beesly saw some action and didn’t score a point, but did grab a rebound and a steal.
  • Circling back, I really don’t understand how Michael scored 13.

God bless The Office.


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