Connecticut Huskies coach Danny Hurley had an early exit from Tuesday’s game between his team and the No. 8 ranked Villanova Wildcats.

With the Huskies leading 24-23 in the first half, Hurley drew a technical foul. In response, he turned his back to the floor and faced the home crowd, raising his arms to try to get them going. That was more than the referee, James Breeding, was willing to put up with.

This is a head-scratcher.

With ejections — even bad-looking ones — we normally have to point out that we don’t know everything that was said. That didn’t seem to be the case here, though. Hurley had his back turned to the officials. And while he might have said something, the referees weren’t close to him.

To be fair, Hurley drew some criticism from fans watching the game.

By and large, though, the reaction to this ejection was negative. If people were not outwardly in favor of Hurley, they were opposed to the ejection.


It will be interesting to hear what Breeding has to say to defend this. He may say something to change the mind of most of the people who watched it. Though, at this point, it’s hard to imagine what that would be.

Right now, this looks like nothing more than the referees trying to make themselves the main attraction. That’s never any good. In a game between two ranked teams this late in the season, it’s even worse.

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