Bill Murray always seems to be popping up at events, whether its crashing someone’s bachelor party, a birthday party or last night, when he showed up the Big East tournament, garbed in full X gear, throwing up the “X” when cheering on his son, Xavier assistant Luke Murray.

People absolutely loved it, as Murray got a big ovation. That’s because people love Murray, and are more than willing to cheer him on regardless of the occasion.

Murray also seems to enjoy talking to anyone who wants to have a conversation and snap a photo with him. And yes, that includes reporters covering the Big East tournament, who ask him weird questions about coaching the local Big Ten team a few miles down the road from of New York City.

That brings us to Drake. You know, the rapper who’s the Global Ambassador of the Toronto Raptors, a lifelong Raps fan who tried to go into the Miami Heat’s locker room. The lifelong Kentucky fan brings more ughs than cheers, and was widely mocked when he shot an airball in a layup line.

The moment was relieved in the Complex’s great Oral History of Drake’s Airball by Eric Koreen.

Cauley-Stein: I started laughing a little bit but then after he airballed, I was like, “Get this guy off the court. Give him the mic. Give him the mic.”

Kevin Hart, comedian: Drake SUCKS! Shot an airball in front of a thousand people.

Murray, unlike Drake, gets love where ever he goes. Murray could show up to any college basketball game and he’d be showered with cheers. At this point, Drake would get mocked wherever he goes outside of Toronto, mostly because he’s seen as a flip-flopper who’s leeches on to whoever is popular at the time. And also the violations. Is it deserved? Probably not, but Drake hasn’t built up the cred Murray has.

Murray proved to be good luck on Thursday night, as Xavier beat Marquette 90-72, advancing to the Big East semifinals. If he sticks around long enough, maybe they’ll let him cut down the nets.

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