Given the relative geographical overlap, it’s always a big deal for a MAC school to take down a Big Ten team.

That happened today, with Bowling Green winning 14-10 at Minnesota thanks to a variety of weird decisions late.

First, despite trailing by four, Minnesota elected to punt with less than four minutes remaining. Perhaps improbably that worked out, with the Gophers taking timeouts and forcing BGSU to punt it back again; that punt, though, almost resulted in disaster for Minnesota.

That’s quite the series of highs and lows for fans of both teams.

Unfortunately for Minnesota, they may have had a chance to drive for the win, but it required quarterback Tanner Morgan to throw the ball, a task for which he was particularly ill-suited today.

Here he is throwing a drive-ending interception that seemingly sealed it for Bowling Green with an absurdly bad pass:

And here he is on the last-ditch desperation drive after Minnesota’s defense somehow got the offense yet another shot at a win, as called by the BGSU radio booth:

Just how bad were things for Minnesota today? A few tweets to illustrate.

And, perhaps worst of all, members of the BGSU cheer squad posing and flexing on the logo after the game:

Definitely a day to forget for Minnesota.

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