University of Oklahoma president Joseph Harroz Jr., left, and Athletic Director Joe Castiglione, right, pose for photos with OU’s new football coach Brent Venables as they arrive at Max Westheimer Airport in Norman, Okla. on Sunday, Dec. 5, 2021. Brent Venables

It was a foregone conclusion in recent days that the Oklahoma Sooners would hire Clemson Tigers defensive coordinator Brent Venables as their new head coach, replacing Lincoln Riley who left to take the USC job.

That became factual on Sunday night when news broke that Venables had accepted the job and he was shown on a private jet en route to Norman, Oklahoma to greet the fans and players.

“It’s meant to be. We comin’ Sooner Nation. Boomer!,” said Venables on the flight. And with that, Oklahoma fans were fired up.

“It is beyond my comprehension,” said Venables. “I love what I do. I’m so fortunate to wake up every day, I’m passionate about it. I have deep love and passion for my job. It doesn’t seem like work when you love what you do. To have the opportunity for the first time to lead a program be at Oklahoma, it doesn’t get any better than this.”

There were lots of excited comments and reactions from the Oklahoma world, as well as reactions from college football at large.

Venables is a no-brainer hire for Oklahoma, so the positive reaction isn’t too surprising. A longtime assistant with the Oklahoma Sooners under Bob Stoops, Venables made his mark as DC for Clemson where he’s overseen two national champion defenses. Now he’s back and he gets to shadow Stoops once more as his mentor coaches the Sooners in the Alamo Bowl. Then, the program is officially his.


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