It’s July, which means it’s college football media days season.

For everything that makes us so excited about media days—namely, that it’s something, anything, about football after a long offseason—I’ll let you in on a media days secret as a former media days attendee: They are miserable.

The only thing that happens at media days is that we get a bunch of canned quotes about absolutely nothing from coaches and players.

Unless Bret Bielema is there.

Unlike most coaches, Bielema is comfortable with the media without sounding like a robot. And I’m pretty sure that, unlike many coaches who despise the media, this is one of his favorite days of the year.

Here were Bielema’s topics of choice:


Bielema thought it was great the commissioner [Greg Sankey] had called him: “This is pretty cool, the commissioner is Face Timing me, that’s pretty unique!”

Sankey’s response: “Why are you calling me?”

Bielema: “Oh, I’m sorry. I must have butt-dialed you.”

LSU coach Ed Orgeron’s accent

Intimate details of his wife giving birth

Let’s bring Bret Bielema to more media days and make them all more fun.


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