The BYU-Coastal Carolina Mormons vs. Mullets t-shirt.

Unusual college football pairings have often led to slogans, as with the “Catholics vs. Convicts” t-shirts eventually heavily featured in an ESPN 30 for 30. The BYU Cougars-Coastal Carolina Chanticleers game Saturday, which came together on short notice (and led to some interesting logistical challenges) after Coastal Carolina’s scheduled opponent Liberty determined they weren’t able to play thanks to positive COVID-19 tests, led to some of that with “Mormons vs Mullets” t-shirts. Here’s a tweet from Ryan McGee, ESPN’s sideline reporter for this game, showing off where those shirts came from:

And here’s McGee’s eventual on-air report on this:

This game also led to some heated moments, including a scrum ahead of halftime:

And a later late hit:

So it’s quite a contested fight, and one with significant stakes, especially when it comes to the chance to earn a New Year’s Six bowl berth. We’ll see how this one ends up. But at the very least, it gave us some solid t-shirts.

[Ryan McGee on Twitter]

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