A recent trend has seen some pro prospects skip their team’s meaningless bowl games to avoid the risk of injury. But obviously that’s a very small minority, meaning plenty of college athletes hit the field for the promise of a swag bag and the shot to win a game that matters so much a relatively brief weather delay could just send everyone home.

(But, yeah, sure, it’s expanding the college football playoff that would render these games pointless.)

One of today’s bowl matchups is the Camping World Bowl, pitting Syracuse against West Virginia. And thanks to this game existing, we got an example of perhaps the most egregious targeting penalty of all time, courtesy West Virginia defensive back Kenny Robinson Jr.

What is he doing? It’s even worse from alternate angles, as we really get to see just how far out of his way Robinson had to go, and how pointlessly reckless it was, especially since Taj Harris was already down.

It looked like he was trying to complete some kind of Double Dare phyiscal challenge, like he had a spike on his hat and was trying to pop balloons on the floor. (That may not have been an actual Double Dare thing, but it’s been a while.)

Robinson was justifiably ejected, while Harris ended up returning to the game. Syracuse is currently up 14-12 at the half, too, if you really needed that Camping World Bowl score update. (And, if so, perhaps seek help for whatever affliction has led you to this.)

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  1. I did not need your snarky comments about the the bowl system. If you do not like college football then do not watch. I just do not think everything has to be so negative all the time. I am fine if people watch or don’t watch what ever just do not push your opinions when no one was asking for them if it was related to the topic of targeting fine but about the amount of bowl games NO you went to far.

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