In a report from WDRB in Louisville, University of Texas football coach Charlie Strong has been asked to testify in divorce proceedings between University of Louisville trustee Jonathan Blue and his soon to be ex-wife Tracy. Strong has been implicated because Jonathan alleges that Strong had some sort of relationship with Tracy.

Jonathan is trying to gain sole custody of the Blue’s two daughters and feels Strong was a source to prove that Tracy showed “repeated behavior and activities that are inconsistent with being a role model and responsible caretaker” that would result in her losing custody. Jonathan’s attorney, Ann Oldfather is requesting text messages, phone bills, other forms of communication as well as calendars and flight information from as far back as 2012 to determine what kind of relationship he had with Tracy Blue.

In addition, Oldfather is also requesting an expensive watch and clothing given to Strong by Tracy as they seem to be deemed inappropriate gifts given from one friend to another.

Tracy had tried to settle the divorce but was turned down. She is now filing a motion to prevent any depositions until mediation from the divorce is settled. Jonathan has filed seven possible witnesses and one of them is Charlie Strong.

It remains to be seen what is going to come as a result. But given any messy divorce, it’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.


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