Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski answers a question during an interview as Blue Devils prepare for the second round of NCAA Tournament against Michigan State at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, S.C.. Syndication Detroit Free Press

The Duke Blue Devils are trying to keep Coach K’s final season alive for at least one more week as they battle the Michigan State Spartans in the NCAA Tournament on Sunday. In the meantime, college basketball fans are having some fun with a moment during a game promo on CBS beforehand.

As part of a CBS promotional package featuring Coach K and Duke, Krzyzewski is seen saying that “the only banners we hang up in Cameron Indoor Stadium are championship banners.” However, as one person noted on Twitter, “First thing CBS shows hanging in the rafters? COACH K 1,000 WINS.”

For many college basketball fans who are tired of hearing about Duke and the way Coach K runs things, it’s a classic moment where reality doesn’t exactly match the presentation by the Hall of Famer. And plenty of people were more than happy to point it out.


Detractors of Duke and K often like to point out the things that don’t exactly mesh with the ideals that he purports and focus on a banner that’s all about him when he tried to make it seem like Duke is above that is a pretty classic example.

Another example might be the recent handshake line incident in which a Duke coach refused to shake hands with North Carolina’s Hubert Davis over a perceived slight, the kind of childish move that Coach K would tell you is beneath a school like Duke.

If Duke loses on Sunday, it will be the end of an era, but it’s an end that a lot of people in the college basketball world are happy to welcome.

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