The most nonchalant edition in recent memory of a fan on the field took place during Saturday night’s college football game between the LSU Tigers and Southern Jaguars in Baton Rouge.

A man wearing an LSU shirt quite casually wandered out to the playing field at Tiger Stadium, right in the middle of the game.

While Southern was running an offensive play, the man walked out to the field, stopped right around the 10-yard line (and put his hands on his hips), and took in the action.

A few seconds after standing there, the man turned around to see security — finally — approaching. He then resisted security’s efforts to take him away, which led to several stadium cops (which seemed a bit excessive for this guy, really) pinning him down before walking him off the field.

Here’s a look at the world’s most chill “idiot on the field“:

It’s rather incredible that play continued on without any of the players or officials noticing, and that security took so long to get to him.

The fan’s casual viewing experience actually matched the general viewing experience of the game. LSU won rather easily, 65-17. It was even 58-0 at one point in the third quarter.

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