The most interesting addition to the college football sidelines over the last few years has been the play card signs that teams hold up to relay plays and to confuse the opposition. The play cards usually feature a fun mix of sports references, pop culture references, memes, emojis, etc.

Well, it appears that the play cards are now in college baseball as well.

Michael Lananna of Baseball America tweeted video Friday night of the Georgetown baseball team sharing play cards from their dugout during a game at Wake Forest. It’s unclear from the video what the play cards look like, but you can definitely see a few being held up across the dugout.

Lananna said that the signs were being relayed to the pitcher. And if that’s true, it’s even more interesting in this case because the pitcher is right-handed and pitching out of the stretch, while the dugout is located on the first base side.

Maybe this is a one-time early season thing, but maybe this is how Georgetown plans to relay some signs and messages to their players throughout the year. And maybe other teams do the same.

So be on the lookout for more play cards this college baseball season.

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